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(Exclusive to Needlepoint Clubhouse in St. Louis, MO through March 2024.)

When you think of St. Louis, you think of The Gateway Arch -- it was designed to commemorate the city’s historical role as the country’s “Gateway to the West” in the 19th century. This canvas also contains a Gateway Arch Riverboat on the Mississippi River, the St. Louis Wheel, and the Old Courthouse. A cardinal is perched on the colorful skyline -- buildings painted in some of the local sports team and college colors. In the center of The Gateway Arch is the Fleur-de-Lis, depicted on the state flag.

St. Louis - Gateway Arch, L-26 (18m)

SKU: L-26
    • Mesh: 18 mesh
    • Design Size: 4.5" diameter (round)
    • Canvas Size: 8"w x 8"h